Cereal prices increase in Izmir: Here is the new price of Izmir bagel


Lerato Khumalo

The price of cereal, which is frequently consumed by citizens in Izmir for breakfast, has increased. Citing the increasing costs, the Izmir Pide and Cereal Makers Chamber of Tradesmen requested an increase in the price of cereal.

Evaluating the demand, the Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen of Izmir approved the sale of the cereal, which was sold for 10 liras for 100 grams, at 12 and a half liras for 90 grams. Accordingly, starting from July, crispy cereal will be sold for 12 and a half liras.


Şükrü Erişen, President of the Izmir Pide and Gevrek Makers Chamber of Tradesmen, said that the gevrek increase they applied for 3 months ago was accepted to be valid as of July and said, “As it is known, with the amendment made in the ‘Regulation on Amendments to the Regulation on the Price Tariffs of Goods and Services Produced by Tradesmen and Craftsmen’, bagel When determining the price, a positive opinion must be obtained from the Ministry of Commerce. There is bagel price chaos throughout Turkey, not specifically in our city. The increase has not yet been implemented in many major cities, including Istanbul and Ankara. We hope that the difficulties and the prolongation of the processes are due to the new regulation coming into force. “Otherwise, our valuable artisans doing this job will decrease gradually and there will be problems in the sustainability of simit, one of the most important elements of Turkey’s street food culture,” he said.


Continuing his words, Erişen noted the following:

“Despite presenting our request for a price increase with cost reports, the extension of the price increase approval process has negatively affected both our tradesmen and our cereal masters. During this price increase process, many products have been increased, our input costs have increased. Thus, the price increase we received has lost its importance. The last price increase was made for cereal 10 months ago, everyone is aware of the increasing increases in input prices. Therefore, we think that our citizens of Izmir will understand the price increase.”