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    Data Mining, ID Verification services and software, Consumer Risk Profiling, Data cleansing, Fraud investigations and detection, Criminal checks, Certification verifications, Data Analysis, Pre-employment screening.
    ID Fraud is real
    Identity fraud in South Africa is on the rise in South Africa
    Thousands of South Africans have their money stolen
    Over 5000 advanced fee scams has been reported at the Reserve bank?
    Ever paid for something on Gumtree or OLX and never received the goods?
    Granted credit for someone with false ID documentation?
    Syndicates exists assisting with ID verification
    Insurance claims against invalid individuals
    High migration of fraudsters on municipal account non payments.
    Real time Id verifications on our online portal
    ID Photo Validations
    Finger Print Biometrics
    ID Number matches names and surname on ID Document
    Issue Genuine ID Certificates
    Latest Contact Information
    Latest Address Information
    Fraud Watch List
    Real-time deceased notifications
    Assist in Verification of bank accounts
    Procurement offices for payments
    Debit order validation
    Fraudulent banking activities

    Department of Local Government issue the following statement:
    It is not possible to apply a sound indigent policy without a good system for identifying consumer units, billing those who receive the service above the free basic level and ensuing that payments are made through a sound credit control system.
    If this is not done the tendency is for those who are not indigent to get subsidised services and this uses resources which would otherwise be allocated to the indigent.
    Debtors book analysis
    Deceased update
    Invalid ID Updates
    Contact Details Update
    Unaccounted billing analysis
    Risk exposure management

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REQUEST TO REMOVEReduced instruction set computer - Wikipedia

RISC architectures are now used across a range of platforms, from smartphones and tablet computers to some of the world's fastest supercomputers such as Summit, the fastest on the TOP500 list as of November 2018 . By the beginning of the 21st century, the majority of low-end and mobile systems relied on RISC architectures. Examples include:  


RISC does the opposite, reducing the cycles per instruction at the cost of the number of instructions per program. RISC Roadblocks Despite the advantages of RISC based processing, RISC chips took over a decade to gain a foothold in the commercial world. This was largely due to a lack of software support. 


welcome to risc Reading's premier community hub and home of the Global Cafe, World Shop, meeting space for over 250 community groups welcome to risc Reading's premier community hub and home of the Global Cafe, World Shop, meeting space for over 250 community groups ... 

REQUEST TO REMOVERISC | computing | Britannica

RISC, information processing using any of a family of microprocessors that are designed to execute computing tasks with the simplest instructions in the shortest amount of time possible. RISC is the opposite of CISC (complex-instruction-set computing). RISC microprocessors, or chips, take a 

REQUEST TO REMOVEWhat is a Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC ...

2019/06/13 · Reduced Instruction Set Computer: A reduced instruction set computer (RISC) is a computer that uses a central processing unit (CPU) that implements the processor design principle of simplified instructions. To date, RISC is the most efficient CPU architecture technology. This architecture is an evolution and alternative to complex instruction ... 

REQUEST TO REMOVERNA-induced silencing complex - Wikipedia

The complete structure of RISC is still unsolved. Many studies have reported a range of sizes and components for RISC but it is not entirely sure whether this is due to there being a number of RISC complexes or due to the different sources that different studies use. Ago, Argonaute; Dcr, Dicer; Dmp68, D. melanogaster orthologue of mammalian p68 RNA unwindase; eIF2C1, eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2C1; eIF2C2, eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2C2; … 

REQUEST TO REMOVERNA-induced silencing complex | biochemistry | Britannica

In RNA interference: RNAi in nature …molecule then binds to an RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC), which contains multiple proteins, including a ribonuclease enzyme. The miRNA nucleotide sequence directs the protein complex to bind to a complementary sequence of mRNA. Once bound to the mRNA, the miRNA-RISC complex then enzymatically cleaves targeted sites on the mRNA molecule,… 

REQUEST TO REMOVEWhat is RISC? - Stanford Computer Science

RISC? RISC, or Reduced Instruction Set Computer. is a type of microprocessor architecture that utilizes a small, highly-optimized set of instructions, rather than a more specialized set of instructions often found in other types of architectures.. History The first RISC projects came from IBM, Stanford, and UC-Berkeley in the late 70s and early 80s. 


Please note that during extended periods of load shedding, access to our online call desk may be compromised. When this occurs please log calls telephonically on 0800-747-2823 or 083-380-3101 or 011-463-7631 WELCOME TO RISC TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION (PTY) LTD 

REQUEST TO REMOVEWhat is RISC (reduced instruction set computer ...

A common misunderstanding of the phrase "reduced instruction set computer" is the mistaken idea that instructions are simply eliminated, resulting in a smaller set of instructions. In fact, over the years, RISC instruction sets have grown in size, and today many of them have a larger set of instructions than many CISC CPUs. 

REQUEST TO REMOVERISC and CISC Architecture : Its Characteristics and ...

2019/09/24 · RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) is used in portable devices due to its power efficiency. For Example, Apple iPod and Nintendo DS. RISC is a type of microprocessor architecture that uses highly-optimized set of instructions. 

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